Barry Johnson, Owner, is originally from Long Island, New York. He started dancing at 7 years of age after watching the Fred Astaire movie “Top Hat”. He danced tap, jazz, and ballet for the next 11 years. During that time, he and his family moved to the Kansas City area. Barry began ballroom in June of 1992 at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Lenexa, Kansas. With them he completed training through his Silver level. He moved to TC Dance Studio in 1998 where he completed his Gold level dancing. He also became the studio’s Dance Director and Assistant Supervisor. Barry came to Melbourne to get away from the cold and icy winters of the Midwest. He is now living his dream by teaching, dancing, and competing, as well as being part owner of the ever growing Melbourne Ballroom, all while being married to the love of his life.



Kristan Johnson started ballroom dancing as a hobby in October of 2003 to honor of her late father. He became a ballroom dance teacher to impress her mother and it worked. She danced with several teachers and studios in the area, and in doing so met Barry Johnson who became her dance teacher. She excelled in everything she did and eventually began to compete with her teacher who, coincidentally, became her husband in October of 2006. Over the next 9 years Kristan accumulated awards for her dancing. They included Top Gold Female awards, Top Gold Solos, Top Overall Female Awards, several Scholarships and an American Smooth Championship in 2015. She then decided to take the next step and become a professional ballroom dancer. She is building up her clientele and has spearheaded our youth program with amazing success with her students already winning Top Youth awards at their first two competitions. She believes very much in making her students feel welcome, and will definitely get results



Clarence Woodley began ballroom dancing in 2005. While searching for new places to dance he discovered that Melbourne Ballroom’s Florida’s Ballroom Dance Teachers Academy was accepting new students. He enrolled in September 2007. In July 2008, he earned his Junior Associates Dance Teacher’s Certification from the Dance Vision International Dance Association. Clarence has been teaching at Melbourne Ballroom ever since. He is the epitome of the all around dance teacher and lover of music. Not only does he teach with patience until the students get it right, but DJ’s for Melbourne Ballroom’s Friday Night Dances.and Showcase events all while getting out there and dancing himself.



Jeff Smith comes to us with an long history of dancing and a long list of accomplishments. His career started with the Fred Astaire Dance studio. There he studied and earned his teaching certifications for Bronze and Silver levels of dancing in American and International Styles of teaching. Some of his competition credits include Fred Astaire American Open Rhythm Rising Star Finalist, and Fred Astaire American Open Rhythm Regional Finalist. He also received the Majestic Cup Dancesport Competition Top Teacher and Top Studio Awards. Jeff has also competed and peformed with his students and professionally from here to Hawaii and back again. We are so pleased to have such a seasoned professional as part of our staff.




Samarah began studying belly dance at the age of seventeen. She signed up knowing next to nothing about the movement involved or the culture behind it, and quickly fell in love with both.

Samarah and her sister belly dancers — Luna Habibi — part take in a halfa twice per year in the spring and fall. A halfa is a form of a party or a show. Samarah creates dynamic choreographies for her dancers to show the history and specific movements in belly dance.

Samarah believes that studying dance is a life-long process, and is always working to increase her technique and vocabulary in belly dance. She also regularly seeks out workshops and private lessons to improve upon her foundation of belly dance. Samarah has taken many workshops over the years and continually strives for growth as a dancer.

Samarah completed her level 1 in Sadie Raqs Flow and is working towards her level 2. She has received her certification in teaching Raqs Sharqi through A Magi Temple. Samarah has also attended many workshops with master teachers, such as: Ahmed Hussien, Jasmin Jahal, Bozenka, Yvonne Pereira-Dudley, Sadie Marquardt, Amar Bellyholistika, Nadirah Johara, Apryl Grace. Magi Melanie.

Jang and Adele Don

Jang and Adele Don


Dr. Jang and Adele Don are the world class stars in Ballroom dance and the DanceSport field. They were Ohio Star Ball, Professional 9 Dance Champions in 2018 & 2019, World Masters Professional Smooth Champions. They were also the first representatives for Korea to the World Professional 10 (Ballroom & Latin) Dance Championships in 2009. The
following year in 2010, they became United Kingdom(U.K.) Open Professional 10 Dance Champions, in 2011, amazingly they became British Professional Classical (Ballroom) Show Dance Champions and became representatives for Great Britain to the World Championships in three categories: Professional 10 Dance, Latin Show Dance, and Ballroom Show Dance, the only couple in England to achieve this.

Currently, they are dancing for America in three (7) categories: Professional American Style Smooth, Rhythm, 9 Dance, International Standard, Latin, & Show Dance.

Dr. Jang and Adele first met back in 2005 when he was studying for his Masters Degree for Dance Education at New York University. They lived and danced in Manhattan, New York and trained with amazing Ballroom & Latin coaches. They represented USA at all major competitions both Nationally and Internationally and were hailed the ’19 Dance Specialists’ (2008, DanceBeat). They travel between UK, USA and South Korea to teach, give lectures, compete, and visit family. They have both trained children, teens and adults to championship level both in UK and USA and they continue to teach, coach and lecture their worldwide following of students and professionals in all countries. They are members of International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA), and Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD).

If you would like more information about taking lessons with Jang, please call him directly at 201-898-1650
If you would like more information about taking lessons with Adele, please call her directly at 973-855-9213