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Welcome to Melbourne’s Premiere School of Dance

Ballroom | Private lessons  | Group Classes  | Latin and Swing

Melbourne Ballroom is a warm and friendly, privately owned studio.

We teach all Ballroom, Latin and Swing dances to people of all ages.

We proudly offer you the benefit of award winning experience and top notch professional training.

We offer discounted rates for blocks of dancing lessons and we NEVER require a contract. There is NO sales pressure here!

Our teachers provide patient, positive instruction in a relaxed environment.  We work with all interest levels from social dancing to competition training.

Melbourne Ballroom Solicitation Statement and Policies

We here at Melbourne Ballroom need students to take lessons in order to stay in business. We hope our students will take lessons here because they are happy with the instruction and atmosphere we provide. We strive to create a fun and positive environment so everyone who comes here can learn to dance and leave the stress of the world outside the doors of the studio for a little while. We hope that everyone who shows up at our studio comes back for more. We have definite policies in place to ensure that every person, and potential student who comes through our door feels welcome, comfortable, and truly enjoys their dance experience, whether it be a private lesson, a group class, Friday Night Party, or any one of our special events.

Here are a few of these simple policies:
We welcome everyone at the door
We prepare for your lesson
We answer all questions patiently
We work at your pace and provide you with the best knowledge available
Most of all, we make sure you have a fun, relaxing, as well an exciting time that will hopefully leave you wanting more.
We also have things we won’t do to get your business…
We don’t use high pressure sales tactics
We don’t speak ill of other studios or their teachers
We don’t talk about other students to you, or about you to other students in a negative way.
We don’t share personal information you may have given us in confidence about your private lives.
(Dance teachers make great therapists)
It takes a time and trust to build a relationship between student and teacher. If you tell us you are happy with a teacher at another studio, we will respect that and not try to convince you to change to one of ours. We feel that if we give you a great dance experience and treat you with respect, you will return the favor, and hopefully return to dance with us at Melbourne Ballroom.

Happy Dancing,
Barry and Kristan Johnson

Our Location

6300 N. Wickham Rd.
Suite 132J
Melbourne, Fl 32940

What are you waiting for? Come and join us.