You can rent our large 3000 square foot room for $150.00 per hour. This room will comfortably hold up to 230 people. The small 750 square foot room can be rented for $75 per hour and hold 20-40 people comfortably. If you need both rooms, you can have them for $200.00 per hour. Both of these rooms have adjustable lighting so you can create the mood you want.  Also, our beautiful lobby area can be used for the wedding ceremony for an extra charge of $250.00.
We can provide tables that will seat 8-10 people along with cloths. We have comfortable cushioned black folding chairs at your disposal as well. Also available is service ware for up to 50 people and white linen napkins. If you need more than that or different colors, we recommend Chairs for Affairs for the rest of your event needs.
By the way, don’t forget that this is a dance studioWe can choreograph a short routine to “your song” or we can pick a song for you. CLICK HERE  to see our Wedding Dance Package rates.
To top everything off, we also have a professional D.J. on staff. We can do everything but perform the ceremony!
Please call us at 321-255-1537 or email us at info@melbourneballroom.com with your questions and your date. We can set up a time for you to come in a take a look at this beautiful facility. We will do our best to make sure your special day is perfect. We can discuss which room or rooms you want to use, including the lobby for the ceremony, DJ availability and rates, and of course, lessons for your first dance as Bride and Groom. You can take advantage of everything we have to offer, or just pick which services you need. 

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